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Installation & Removal Policy

Connections for Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Microwaves

  • We offer connection for refrigerators, washing machines (excluding washing machine pedestals) and microwaves unless one or more circumstances identified in clause 5.3 – terms and conditions applies. We offer this service at a fee
  • Connection may only be carried out, where applicable, to an existing standard domestic appliance situated within one meter of a water connection and within reach of an existing 10 amp socket for the appliance’s lead. Included in the connection will be the removal of transit brackets.
  • Our delivery team will be unable to connect your new appliance if:
    • the old machine is not disconnected from existing plumbing and electrical supplies;
    • any electrical or plumbing supplies supplied by you are considered unsuitable;
    • any water supply needed cannot be isolated or is considered unsuitable by our delivery/installation team;
    • any drainage/waste facilities needed are unsuitable;
    • mechanical adjustments are required to the appliance(s) to overcome such things as water pressure problems;
    • alterations to existing plumbing and electrical connections are required; or
    • gas installations, connections and/or disconnections are required as these must be performed by a licensed plumber.

Installation for Other Appliances

  • We offer installation services for some appliances for a fee. This service is only available within the maximum delivery range of 40km from our warehouse and you must purchase this service at the time you purchase your appliances. All installations will take place, where possible, at the time of delivery by a trained, licensed and fully insured installer.

Disposal and Removal of Old Appliances

  • You can request when you make your order that our delivery team also dispose of your old appliance. Old appliances being removed must be similar to the new delivered appliance. This must be done at the delivery location of your order.
  • All products for removal and disposal must be disconnected from all water, electrical and gas supplies by you or your contractor in advance of the appliance being removed. All gas disconnections must have been performed by a licensed plumber. All clothes dryers need to have been taken down from wall brackets. You agree that removed goods are deemed to have zero value and become our property. We may dispose of them as we see fit.

Installation Fees